Honey 2 (2011)

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Honey 2
Director: Bille Woodruff
Writer: Blayne Weaver, Alyson Fouse
Cast: Kat Graham, Randy Wayne, Seychelle Gabriel, Lonette McKee, Melissa Molinaro, Christopher ‘War’ Martinez, Mario López

Maria (Kat Graham) was just released from juvie and released into foster care. Taking care of her is Connie (Lonette McKee) who owns a dance studio, where Maria works off her community service and tries to keep herself out of trouble. But Maria’s ex Luis (Christopher ‘War’ Martinez) – who got her into trouble in the first place – wants to have her back in his dance crew, the 718s. Maria declines, joins up with Brandon (Randy Wayne) and his crew and they try to beat the 718s at a dance battle.

Oh boy. Honey 2 might be, officially, the worst dance film in the history of dance films (which is saying a lot in a…

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