If Cinna Could Bet on Katniss…

Hunger Games Fandom

Katniss goes through a number of emotional goodbyes before the Games, beginning with her sister and mother back in District 12. However, the most emotional of all is probably with Cinna below the Arena. There, Cinna wishes her the best in a sad, heartfelt way.

We came across two Cinna-Katniss images that really hit us hard:

That came from fiery-katniss.tumblr.com. You all know the moment and what he says.

Here’s the second one, courtesy of missdeviante.tumblr.com:

That moment, right before Katniss enters the Arena, is the last we see of Cinna in the film. But just because he’s out of sight doesn’t mean he’s not still involved in the story. Imagine the agony he must be suffering, watching Katniss go through such unbelievable pain and hardship. He probably watched every second of the Games, pulling for his self-created “Girl on Fire.” These two images represent both stages of…

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