Oh, That’s How People Die?

Bill McMorrow

During the summer of 1986, at the tender age of 15, I stared death in the face for 6 straight hours. I miraculously lived to tell the tale. So tell the tale I shall.

It was a hot, humid New England summer day. The kind of day that makes you long for winter so you could bitch about how cold it is and wish it was summertime.. We were hanging down at the pond. Not the, “hey it’s too hot out, let’s go skinny-dipping at the local swimming hole” type of pond. It was more of the, “hey it’s too hot out, too cold out, just right out, let’s drink some beers and smash the bottles on the rocks in the water and run if you see the cops” kind of pond.
Somebody suggested trying out some of this marijuana stuff that Nancy Reagan was encouraging all the kids to…

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