The FUTURE is NOW: Google working on “smart” glasses

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Holy crap.

If you haven’t see the latest video Google has came out with, then, well… like Samuel L. Jackson said in “Jurassic Park”, hold on to your butts.

Google is working on technology called “Project Glass”. From the video shown, it appears to be a set of high-tech “smart” glasses that give the wearer a sense of augmented reality. Lost? Tell your glasses you are lost, and a translucent map will pop up IN FRONT OF YOUR @#$!ING FACE and set you straight. But that’s just the tip of the peripheral ice-berg. Take a picture at LITERALLY what ever you are looking at — I assume blinking is involved here — or record video of what ever is IN FRONT OF YOUR @#$%ING FACE.

If someone calls you, a little video screen will pop up in front of you, and you can talk with the video caller who is FLOATING…

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