TITANIC 3D: James Cameron Pays The Mortgage

atomic bombast

Everything is in 3D these days.  If you want to go see practically any big budget movie this summer (with the exception of The Dark Knight Rises, mercifully), prepare to pay $20 just to sit wearing uncomfortable, smudge-covered glasses, and walk out with a headache.
I blame James Cameron.  Really, dude?  You gave us Terminator 2: Judgment Day, an all time best action movie.  You also gave us the first two hours of The Abyss.  Then you let a meth-addled chimpanzee write the last 30 minutes, but we’ve forgiven you for that.
I admit, I was excited when I saw the trailer for Avatar back in 2009.  It promised to be quite a spectacle, and everyone knows James Cameron can direct the hell out of an action sequence.  I went to see it opening night.  I remember sitting in the theater, thinking to myself, this…

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