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If Cinna Could Bet on Katniss…

Hunger Games Fandom

Katniss goes through a number of emotional goodbyes before the Games, beginning with her sister and mother back in District 12. However, the most emotional of all is probably with Cinna below the Arena. There, Cinna wishes her the best in a sad, heartfelt way.

We came across two Cinna-Katniss images that really hit us hard:

That came from You all know the moment and what he says.

Here’s the second one, courtesy of

That moment, right before Katniss enters the Arena, is the last we see of Cinna in the film. But just because he’s out of sight doesn’t mean he’s not still involved in the story. Imagine the agony he must be suffering, watching Katniss go through such unbelievable pain and hardship. He probably watched every second of the Games, pulling for his self-created “Girl on Fire.” These two images represent both stages of…

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Welcome to CHIC

Chic Magazine

Have you ever wished that there was a magazine that would meet all of your needs, from the hottest trends to the best places to go on vacation? Well, welcome to CHIC Magazine, your one stop shopping for everything that you want to know. We are here to meet your travel, health, food, fashion, and entertainment needs. Basically we are a magazine created for your lifestyle, designed to help you live an even fuller life. Check out our debut issue in May of 2012, but in the meantime get your CHIC fix here at the CHIC blog!

You can also follow us on Twitter @ TheChic_Mag or find us on Facebook @ TheChicMagazine!


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The FUTURE is NOW: Google working on “smart” glasses

Not 4 Print

Holy crap.

If you haven’t see the latest video Google has came out with, then, well… like Samuel L. Jackson said in “Jurassic Park”, hold on to your butts.

Google is working on technology called “Project Glass”. From the video shown, it appears to be a set of high-tech “smart” glasses that give the wearer a sense of augmented reality. Lost? Tell your glasses you are lost, and a translucent map will pop up IN FRONT OF YOUR @#$!ING FACE and set you straight. But that’s just the tip of the peripheral ice-berg. Take a picture at LITERALLY what ever you are looking at — I assume blinking is involved here — or record video of what ever is IN FRONT OF YOUR @#$%ING FACE.

If someone calls you, a little video screen will pop up in front of you, and you can talk with the video caller who is FLOATING…

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Mildred Pierce, HBO Miniseries


Mildred Pierce is a compelling tale of family dynamics, and HBO’s five part miniseries adaptation is impressively true to the book.

I run hot and cold with Kate Winslet.  I loved Eternal Sunshine, enjoyed Revolutionary Road, and have been disinterested in most of her other movies.  Mildred as a character has plenty of faults and petty qualities that are annoying, but Winslet folds seamlessly into the character, and all you see is Mildred.

Evan Rachel Wood plays the older Veda (“younger Veda” is played by a different actress in the first three episodes).  Wood’s skill falls far short next to Winslet.  When Veda is played by the younger actress in the earlier episodes, I got wrapped up in the spoiled brat of a character.  When Wood steps in, her lack of talent, her over-pronunciation, and her unconvincing opera lip synch are distracting.  My feelings toward Veda, generally, is that I…

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A Good Day To Die Hard Gets It’s 2 Villains

That Nerd Zach's Blog

Sebastian Koch and Yulia Snigir have signed on to play the villains in the 5th installment of the Die Hard franchise titled “A Good Day to Die Hard”.  Bruce Willis is set to return as John McClane and Jai Courtney (Spartacus Blood and Sand) is set to play John’s son Jack.  Other than the movie taking place in Moscow, not much else is known about the movie.  Do you still think there is a need for another Die Hard film?  Sound off in the comments!

Sebastion Koch and Yulia Snigir

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